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Finding himself on what would become the most famous ship in all of history, pastor John Harper sets out on the Titanic’s maiden voyage on April 11th, 1912 from Queenstown, Ireland with his daughter Nan and her nanny Jessie.  Mr. Harper is slated to speak at a church in Chicago, but God seems to have another mission planned for him.


John befriends a lovable Scottish fisherman named Pete, who, despite his insobriety and unruliness, is searching for a new life in America.  John’s voyage begins with great joy as he preaches the good news of God’s grace to the passengers on the ill-fated vessel.


While Pete struggles to find his way around the ship, he encounters John Jacob Astor, the richest man in the world, who denounces Pete’s unruly behavior; highlighting the class struggle between the poor and the rich.  While John gives glory to God in everything he does, Pete expresses his hate for God and blames God for his ongoing struggles in life.


After a boozy party in the 3rd class smoking room, Pete finds his way up to the ship’s stern and meets John, where they both witness the ship’s encounter with that most infamous iceberg...


A little while later, there is no question that the Titanic is going to sink. As the crew on the ship rush to fill the lifeboats to save any women and children they can, John makes the decision to leave Nan and Jessie on the lifeboat and go preach the good news of God’s love to those perishing on the Titanic. An exciting dramatic finale ensues between John, Pete, Astor and the other passengers in their fight for survival.


Drama, comedy, and romance prevail in this engaging and powerful musical: THE TITANIC HERO. The musical score is composed of famous re-orchestrated hymnals for a contemporary audience written by numerous tried-and-true artists over the centuries.

Based on a true story.

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